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Time to grow up.


To make a really, really, really, long story short, I feel super overwhelmed and scared about being a grown up.

I know it’s stupid, I’m fucking 29 years old for cripes sake. I have my own family, children, and house. I’ve lived in the same town my entire life. When my kids were in public school, they actually went to the same elementary school that I did, they even had some of the same classrooms. This is my home.

My husband (I know it should be a “we”, but I feel like putting the pants on him for this one) has been given an amazing opportunity. To purchase and run our own campground. He’s completely qualified and has a zillion certificates for paper proof.  He has managed various companies for most of our married life, so he’s no stranger to the pressure.

This really would be a dream come true for us. To own our own business, have our own land and to be doing something that we both love. This would open up so many more possibilities for us and our children. My word, I know our kids would love it. Could you imagine growing up living on a campground? Being outside in nature and not glued to technology (not to mention all the free child labor as they get older!). We could finally have a massive garden, those darn chickens my son has been asking for, and my daughter has been begging for a swingset that doesn’t work anywhere in our current, awkward backyard. Unfortunatly, this place is about 3 hours away from us right now.

It’s scary for me. I know it’s not like this is in another state or anything, but it’s far enough away. I’m afraid to leave my home, and to be responsible for myself and family.  My parents have always just been a mile away, knowing that they are right there, has been a huge relief. This is my home. I’m afraid to start on this amazing new adventure that could change our lives forever.

My husband is going to look over the property tomorrow and my anxiety is in overdrive (I’m one of those people that get anxiety about taking my anxiety medication). I’m afraid this place is going to be so amazing that he’s going to want to move immediately, but I’m equally afraid it’s going to be a total dump and that my husband is going to be crushed that it isn’t what he was hoping for.

I know I need to put on my big girl panties and take a chance, and I know it could be one of the best things that happen to us.




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