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A Battle From Within.

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I have successfully quit smoking for over a year now! I am so insanely proud of myself, it is a battle I was weary to begin.

Unfortunately, I have a confession to make. I have another addiction that is seamlessly taken over my life. Almost everything I do, everywhere I go, I can’t stop thinking about it. I honestly think ending this one, is going to be a more difficult battle than quitting smoking.

It’s one of those things you know you know you can always count on, having always been there for me, it’s never let me down. It’s never judged me for making a mistake, in fact, it’s helped me figure out ways to solve some of my issues. It makes me feel like I can do anything. And honestly, It made me want to be a better person. But lately, things are changing.

What has had such a profound effect on me?……. Pinterest! Fucking Pinterest! It’s taken over my life! I feel like I can’t make a decision without consulting Pinterest first. What color should I paint this wall? Hang on, let me look at Pinterest first. Where should I put this chair? Hold on, let’s see where people on Pinterest have put their chairs, oh and I’ll figure out where to put this picture too! Why throw a gosh darn single thing away, when I can go on Pinterest and up-cycle everything! I always tell myself it will just take a minute, but the next thing you know, its been 3 hours and the kids are screaming because they are starving. (good thing I just pinned all those healthy snack ideas!)


I have a pile (more like a small hill) of random broken things I just can’t get myself to throw away. What if I need a wooden dowel or a broken dresser drawer or a broken flower pot or that 4-inch piece of scrap paper for something? I know if I throw anything away, something is going to come up that I could have used it for, and now I’m going to have to spend money to buy something new to use. In reality, I’m really doing my husband a favor, saving money, by hoarding such a variety of things!

But lately, something is wrong. I’ve been searching Pinterest high and low for my next 2 projects and I’m not finding at all what I am looking for. Usually, I can find something, at least, similar enough that I can tweak it to be perfect. For example, My bathroom renovation that I did,(You can read about it here, here, here and finally here!) is a compilation of 4 different Pinterest posts and my own added flair. I’m not finding anything remotely close to what I am looking for and it’s making me feel very uncomfortable and almost vulnerable. I’ve become so dependent on this website that I can’t even get my mind to figure out what it wants by itself. I cannot get my own creative juices flowing anymore.

I need to get my mind back. I need to be able to think for myself. I need to want what I want, and not what what someone else has.


I’m determined to take a break from Pinterest and I vow to complete 2 whole projects without consulting Pinterest first, I will be revamping our kitchen and decorating our porch, excluding that I will be painting my front door a fabulous shade of teal (that I saw on Pinterest AND I got the husband to give me the okay to do so….WHAT!?!?!??!)…(I KNOW!!! So I feel like I have to do it now!)

Please wish me luck, patience, creativity, enough money and mostly strength, that I do not fall back into the temptation that is Pinterest.

As for you, Pinterest, I know this isn’t a permanent “Goodbye” but I promise when I return, I will respect you. I will no longer take you for granted. I will not talk about you behind your back, nor will I rely solely on you for inspiration, we will be a team. Until we meet again good friend ❤


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