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Home Gym and Cupcakes.

Last August I received a call from our YMCA, saying that I “won” a free 2-week membership trial. I had to come in person to pick up the paper and I could bring 1 other adult in my household to also get one. I should have suspected a deeper, thought-out con when I had to make an appointment, just pick up a piece of paper.

My husband and I made went on our way and when we arrived we (once again) should have known to just walk away. We then realized that we were part of some elaborate membership scheme. There were probably about 10 people in their snazzy YMCA shirts with clipboards. We were assigned our “happy little helper” who then proceeded to take us on a tour of the facilities (of which we know well, since we had a membership a few years back) But he still insisted on showing us everything, every single thing, that we had seen and even used multiple times. At the end of the tour, there in the corner was a table and 3 chairs.

We sat down and he made this fantastic presentation, recapping everything the YMCA has to offer. And then, you guessed it, he made us a fabulous proposal: We could trade in our 2-week trial membership, for a 15-month family membership and even save a few dollars, plus, this way our kids can use it too! So us, being the not-so-fit, but-want-to-be-fit, lets-get-a-membership-to-say-we-have-one, maybe-we-will-actually-use-it-this-time type of people that we are, we jumped on the bandwagon and signed up.


Fast forward the 15 months; We went together once (the first week), My husband went with a friend once (the next week) , I took the kids swimming twice (within the first 2 months), we had our daughters birthday party there in July (which the membership saved us $20) and we took advantage of the Homeschool Gym Class (which really is great and we loved it). So basically, since August we have been spending almost triple the amount to save $18 on their gym class. We always told each other we would both make more of an effort to use the membership, neither one of us ever did.

Last march, my husband and I were discussing a ton of random things and we both agreed that with his crazy work schedule in the summer, during those months he wouldn’t have much time to be able to use the membership (Thankfully he gets paid salary, so the company doesn’t have to pay him for 40+ hours of overtime each pay period in the summer) So we decided it would be a good investment to buy an elliptical, that way he (we) could still get a “work out” in on days we couldn’t get to the YMCA.

Not gonna lie, he used the crap out of that thing, He ended up losing almost 40 lbs! I, on the other hand, had a few issues with my health and the new medication I started, caused me to GAIN 42 lbs and once it was here, it didn’t want to go anywhere. I became so frustrated that I was using the elliptical and I had added in a DVD course as well, yet nothing was changing. I finally stopped gaining weight, but I still wasn’t losing any. I just gave up.


Then last month I got a call from the YMCA saying our membership was going to be over and our price was going up. I told them to just cancel it. And my word, their whole attitude changes when you tell them you want to cancel your membership. Glad to know your only friendly with those who are spending their money with you!

Anyways, so we canceled our membership but I have started to use the elliptical again. My husband had a friend who was looking to sell his home gym system, the Nordic Track E-500.


Well, being the athletic enthusiasts that we are, we couldn’t not buy it! He is currently in the process of putting it together (which is why I felt compelled to write this.) There has been limited swearing coming out, so I think it’s going well.

We now have the home gym and we have the elliptical. I’ve got a variety of hand weights, yoga mats and I even have a “Wave” that I bought off an infomercial (yup, I’m that type of gal). Is there any other type of go-to home gym equipment you think we need to have functional gym (that I might actually use a few times?) I’m really going to put in some effort to take full advantage of this, then I won’t feel so guilty when I eat the cupcakes I’m about to frost (cherry chip red velvet with a cream cheese frosting) YUM!



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