Want a tissue for your whine?

As I’m sure your aware, we have a presidential election coming up. While I haven’t fully determined who I will be voting for, quite frankly, I don’t care who you are voting for either. Not because I’m un-American, not because I don’t care, But because I believe that we, as grown adults, are capable of making decisions that we believe are best not just for us, but our families and our future generations, despite how much they may differ from each other.

I’m am so insanely sick and tired of seeing political posts taking up my news feed on facebook, and overpowering the news on tv. I get it, voting for our next President is a big deal, a HUGE deal. But seriously? Considering what a massive amount of attention these campaigns have already received, I guarantee if we don’t already know, we have a general idea of who will be getting our votes.

As I already stated, I’m not fully sure who I will be voting for, but do you know what? Not a single post you make on facebook, with all your CAPITAL LETTERS informing us of how you feel about someone, is going to make me change my mind. Not a single post.

Do you know what else grinds my gears? Those same people, posting about how unfair the government is. They just sit there and post their presidential opinions and they bitch and bitch about the goverment (worse than my 6-yr old complaining about her computer time.)

Well friends, you weren’t complaining about the government when you went to the grocery store and used your goverment issued food stamp card.

Or when you went to the Dr. using your government issued insurance.

Or when you paid your rent with your government issued housing assistance.

Or when you got goverment assistance to pay your electric/heating bill.

Or even when you used your government issued free cell phone.

None of which you have to pay 1 single cent for.

While I understand everyone has a different story, I know first hand, some people do truly need the help. On the other hand,  I know a family who only works part time, because they would rather spend time together, then be at a job (at least it’s a nice sentiment). They get every type of assistance available through our state because they don’t want to work. (if you didn’t already guess, it infuriates me!)

I’m not against helping those in need.

I am against funding the lazy.


2 thoughts on “Want a tissue for your whine?

  1. I think what makes this election different is how blatantly over the top Trump is with his racism and women bashing, so it is terrifying to think this man is even being considered to represent our country, but i agree. What people post on FB won’t change too many minds, but when I see legitimate news sources sharing another thing Trump has said or done, it truly, truly terrifies me. I don’t want to be terrified during an election. I never was before and I am 42. This ain’t my first rodeo by a long shot.


    1. What terrifies me more then Trump, is the fact that another candidate is being investigated by the FBI, for something very similar to something a past President was most likely going to become impeached for and no one is batting an eye about it. I do agree, nothing anyone posts on FB is going to sway my vote. I also rely solely on legitimate new sources for my information instead of memes that someone created their mothers basement. It takes a frustrating turn when all you see is people making false accusations and quoting inaccurate news sources, all while making their decisions based on lies and false information.


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