A Girl And Her Friends

Have you ever met someone new and all of a sudden, you just felt like they have been missing from your life?

I’ve never been one to have a ton of friends, but I’ve always cherished the ones I did have. In fact, 2 of my closest friends I have known the longest; One I met when we were just babies in the church nursery (apparently we were just meant to be) We have been friends for almost 28 years and we still are going strong. The other moved across the street from my childhood home, just weeks before we started the same kindergarten class. While both have moved to different towns, we still keep in touch and visit when we are in the area.

There was another girl I met in Kindergarten and we automatically clicked. She was my other half through all of elementary school, we were often asked if we were twins, because of our matching short, curly (frizzy as f*ck) brown hair and glasses, we were often found snuggled up in the corner reading books together (she introduced me to Roahl Dahl, another hidden love story). We were practically attached at the hip (er…bookmark?) until 5th grade when my parents ripped me out of public school and threw me into private school. We stayed in touch for a while, but by the time I was able to go back to public school, She had moved and I thought she was lost forever. Alas, there was this fabulous invention of facebook and I was able to stalk her down and it was like we never even spent 15 years apart. She lives in a different state, now married and still a great friend.

Then there are “those” friends. The ones you meet as a teenager. You get into a “serious shitload” of trouble with but the whole time you magically convince yourself these are your friends and will be your friends forever. Fast forward 10 years, and you realize what manipulative little bitches they really were. While of course it was amazing to get out there and be a mischievous little shit, you can’t help but realize how bad they were for you. Mine were a set of sisters. The last time I spoke to one of them, she called me at 3am completely drunk and telling me I HAD to come over because I was such an awful friend (I had a 3-month-old at the time) and she wanted things to be like they used to be ( Says the girl who didn’t visit after my son was born, and she also didn’t come to my wedding) A year later, I didn’t even get an invitation to her wedding. The other sister? Let’s just say she’s always had a big mouth and once my family came before her friendship, the words started to fly.

Funny enough, another one of my closest friends I have also known since I was a kid. She used to babysit me! She’s  9 years older than me, but within the past few years, we have gotten so close. she went to the same church as my parents and our kids became good friends (her daughter and my son, and my daughter and her son are just a month apart!) Shes been one of the biggest blessings in my life. I just love talking to her. We even started a little art business together and we do craft shows together (it’s amazing what 1 day, sitting in a booth with a friend, chugging coffee and meeting new people can do for your soul) Unfortunately last year, her husband got transferred and she moved away. Thankfully, we still get together a few times a year to do the craft shows, and we still have our weekly talks.

Do you have a friend, who you are obviously friends with, but sometimes you wonder why? I know it sounds silly, but I have one of those. Don’t get me wrong I love her, but we are an odd couple. We both were bridesmaids in my cousin’s wedding, and our sons are just 1 week (to the day) and we both LOVE the show FRIENDS…oh and we like wine, alot. But we are just 2 different people. She is gorgeous and hilarious and a really good dresser, she wears a ton of makeup and she was defiantly one of the popular kids in high school.She once even said to me “Don’t get offended because I love you, but if it was for (my cousin) I would have never even thought of getting to know you” Have I also mentioned she’s a bit “forward“…Me, not so much.

And then there is one of my newest friends. I love her so much. I feel like we are soulmates. I’ve only known her for about 3 years, but its been 3 years of magic. She and her husband worked with my husband for almost a year before I met her (I kick myself a little bit every day for not prying more about his co-workers and waiting so long to meet them). Our daughters are a month apart and (surprise) they are the best of friends too. With this woman, I just feel so comfortable and complete. I love that I can talk to her about anything, absolutely anything. You know how you have some friends you talk to about certain things and others who you talk about other things too? Not this girl, I can talk to her about EVERYTHING.But of course, Things happen and jobs change, the next thing you know guess what? They moved! Despite another move, we still talk a few times a week and I love her.

Lastly, one of the not so obvious. My bosses. I consider them (they are a married couple) some of my best friends. I work at the most charming Bed and Breakfast, and being the only employee and having worked there for almost 9 years (what?!?!?!) We have gotten very close. I just adore them. Their youngest child is the same age as me, but I don’t consider them parent like figures. They are 2 older, much wiser friends. I love going to them for advice (probably much more than they do) and just our little talks in general. They are like a second family to me, they have known me since the year before my son was born, visited us in the hospital, they came to my wedding and have been to my kids birthday parties. I am so thankful to have them in my life.

One thing I have learned over and over again, it doesn’t matter how many friends you have. What matters is the quality of the friendships that you have. I would rather have 6 super close friends that I know are always there for me, then 10 people who claim to be my friend, but when the times get tough, they run the other direction until its convenient for them to return.


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