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Our Bedtime Battle

Bedtime has always been a struggle at our house. Ultimately, I know it’s my fault, but I’m too exhausted to fully take the blame.

Little number 1 was 9 months old when I found out I was pregnant with little number 2. They are a mere 17 months apart in age. Within a week of little number 2 being born, my husband was back to working 70+ hours a week. Everything fell on my shoulders and as a new mom of 2 under 2, I did whatever it took to get a little bit of sleep, and that’s where it all began.

Every night for 6 years our kids fell asleep in my bed and if I didn’t fall asleep (which happened 98% of the time), I would move them back into their beds. Most of the time, I would just pass out and they would stay in my bed all night. Bless my husband for dealing with it as long as he did. But the time finally came (unfortunately not long ago)  and they are know 2 “normal kids” who go to sleep in their own beds, But now I’m dealing with a whole new struggle.

For as much as my kids claim to “hate” each other, they are truly each others best friends. They have separate bedrooms but have decided they wanted to share a bedroom and have the other room for a playroom. I don’t have a problem with them sharing a room (they are still young enough that its not a weird situation). BUT (and I’m assuming it’s because of them sleeping in my bed for the beginning of their lives) they are used to being in close physical proximity to someone, I’m guessing its a comfort thing. They want to share a bed, despite the fact that there is a perfectly fine bed 8 feet away. I don’t consider myself a “strict” parent ( I’m actually pretty sure no one who knows me considers me to be strict) ……..(yeah, I’m pretty much a pushover) So now that I finally have them going to sleep in their own room, they are sharing a bed and it takes forever for them to go to sleep. They are messing around, chatting with each other, making up little games and playing, but I still look at it like ” you know what, they are in their own room and not in my bed” and I’m ok with it. If they stay up until 11 despite my multiple times telling (yelling) for them to go to bed, I’m still waking them up at the same time in the morning, so whatever. Eventually, they will catch on and knock off the shenanigans.

But am I completely messing this up? Do I need to buckle down more, or will they really catch on?  The only thing I know for sure, even though my kids are 6 and 8, I’m still exhausted.


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