Renovation Days 4-6, The end is near!

Whew! I have been busy the past few days.

Tuesday I started with the flooring. I’ve outdone myself. Not to toot my own horn here, but I’m a pretty good Vinyl Floor Tile Layer. I used Armstrong Vinyl Floor tiles in the Elston design. They are really nice, they seem pretty sturdy and they were fairly easy to install. Even though they are “self-adhesive”, I highly suggest using additional glue ( I’ll go into more detail in a bit) My only tip for these would be to pay attention to the arrows on the back. I didn’t think it would be a big deal since they are 12″ x 12″ and had a central design on them. It’s not extremely noticeable, but if you pay attention and look close ( like all us nosey folks do when we are taking care of business a someone else’s house) you can see where some the “stones” don’t match up with the ones across from them. Again, it is not a huge deal, but if you worried about someone noticing, just make note of the arrows.

I ended up using 2 different types of glue to adhere the tiles to the floor. I started with FlorCraft Universal pressure sensitive flooring adhesive ( I forgot to take a picture of it, but I got it at Menards) And the second was Henrys Clear Thin-Spread Floor Tile Adhesive. Both work equally well. They are very sticky! I highly suggest having a pack (or 3) of baby wipes next to you, to wipe your fingers as you go. They are messy ( Or maybe it was just me), but they did a great job!WP_20160224_20_36_25_Pro

I started in the back corner and worked my way down the first wall. I had to add a few weights to hold the tiles down in a few spots, you sure do notice how uneven your floors are when you are trying to line something up on them.WP_20160222_20_12_25_Pro

When I was just under half way done with the floor, my new vanity arrived! My dad is AMAZING and built me the perfect vanity that I was looking for. I put the kiddos to work right away to start painting it ( they were much more excited then the seem, I promise).WP_20160223_11_41_36_Prowe got the vanity installed pretty quickly and then got it hooked back up. I kept the same sink (eventually we wil be replacing it). So, obvioauly the sink and vanity are the same size as the old one, but something about it just seems to add more space to the room. While I love everything about the new bathroom, the vanity is by far my favorite (as I said before, my dad is AMAZING!)WP_20160224_19_36_13_Pro

Once the vanity was installed, I took another break from the floor and resurfaced the dingy bookcase.WP_20160222_17_49_33_Pro I used Duck Deco Adhessive Lamiate. While I’m not the biggest fan of this particular print, it was the best option to choose from the selction. I also painted the shelves to match the rest of the bathroom ( yes I still have to touch them up and no I’m not coordinated enough to make sure the print was lined up properly before laying it done)WP_20160223_19_00_28_Pro

Then I got back started on the floor, and I would be completely satisfied if I never had to refloor around a toilet ever again. It took me 9 try’s and approximately 25 minutes just to get those 2 tiles cut correctly. Pain in the arse. But once that was done, it was smooth sailing for the rest of the floor.

Now the finish line in finally near. I have the walls painted, the flooring laid, the vanity installed and bookcase done. I just need to touch up some paint, rehang the towel bars, and add a few finishing touches.

Overall I’m pretty darn proud of myself. In my book, I successfully “renovated” the bathroom. Now I’m just incredibly nervous that my husband will be as proud of me as I am. WP_20160224_19_50_33_Pro

What do you think GUYS? If you came home and found out your wife did this to your bathroom, how would you feel?



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