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Bathroom Renovation Days 1-3

The time is finally here! I’m so excited to be doing this project, it is way over do!

I’m on day 3 of my bathroom renovation and I’ve hit a snag, but first let me get you caught up.

As I stated in my first reno post, When we moved into our house, we ended up having to go through a very long (and costly) lead abatement. I completely understand it was vital that we had a safe home to raise our 2 kids, but it really does suck that it was such an expensive and time-consuming process. Combine that with all the other issues a 131-year old house can have and we came very close to giving up. One thing after another and, of course, none of it was good news. So our plans to remodel our big old, beautiful house were put on hold.

But we (I) am finally starting to redo the bathroom. My husband is out of town for work, so I have 6 days to completely transform the bathroom. Here’s what we are starting with:WP_20160220_10_11_59_Pro

I know, I know, It’s so awful and to make it worse, this is out MAIN bathroom downstairs, so this is the one that EVERYONE sees.  Now you understand how desperate I was to start this project (please don’t judge me, I know how bad it is, hence why I’m even doing this project) But as you can see I have my hands completely full! I need to paint, rip up the flooring, install new flooring, install the new vanity (and quite frankly, give it a big hug and tell it that its pretty).

I started with the half wall. The first wall you see when you enter and I just made it nicer with some stripes. Do you know what a pain in the arse it is to paint some damn stripes? It’s much more difficult then it should be!

First I started by measuring the wall and dividing it by how many stripes I wanted. Obviously, you would want the stripes the same width so don’t end up with a weird one at the top. I ended up with 9 stripes, each at  9.4″. I chose 9 because I wanted the same color on top and bottom, for right now I’m not painting the ceiling, and the white I’ve chosen is just a few shades different, I wanted the gray color on top and bottom, so you can’t really tell the contrast in the whites. WP_20160220_14_00_52_ProA little tid bit of info: Baby wipes are amazing for cleaning up any paint splatter!


I LOVE the stripes. So very much. It just adds a little something extra to a wall I plan on keeping fairly empty ( I feel weird having things hanging so close to the toilet).

Because I’m going to be replacing the flooring, I didn’t put down any type of drop cloth, but if your not replacing your floor, your really should. I made quite a mess.

Behind that wall is a shower, so I just made my way around the corner and continued painting. I’m painting the rest of the walls the same grayish color as the stripes (it’s actually called time-worn stone, and I love it). I’ve made my way around the room and I’m really pleased with how well its coming along. WP_20160220_18_01_25_Pro

So yesterday (day 2) I got home from work, all sorts of excited to continue on my way, and I walk into the bathroom and the floor was all wet around the toilet! As you can see in the pictures, the tiles were already a bit funky for moisture (there has always been a lot of condensation around it and I have a little boy) so I ripped up the tiles and wiped it all down, and sure enough, just a few minutes later, the floor was wet again. I have a leak!!!

Me being who I am, I was freaking out. because in my mind, who knows how long this leak has been there, and with the age of floor I’m automatic thinking that I’m going to have to rip up the whole subfloor and completely replace it. So I called my trusty dad and he wasn’t able to come until today to take a look. So I put down some bowls and caught about 3 inches of water over night.WP_20160222_11_09_57_Pro

So I spent the rest of yesterday afternoon painting the bathroom and trying to keep my mind occupied off of the leak. I was able to get the room about 90% done. I left about a 6 inch gap around my vanity, since the new one will (should) be here tomorrow!!

Today my dad came and replaced some washers and gasket on the toilet. Unfortunately, its been about 5 hours and I’m seeing a few damp spots again, so he will be back tomorrow to re-tighten the bolts. I’m praying that is all that is needed.

I did some touch-up painting today but otherwise, I didn’t do too much, I figured I should get some cleaning done around the house, since everything is being piled up in our dining room, things are pretty…..messy. I also went to the grocery store (apparently as a parents its part of my “job” to feed the children, they get crabby when they are hungry).WP_20160222_17_03_58_Pro

Tomorrow I will be finishing the trim and painting the vanity. Hopefully, the leak will be fixed so I can get started on the floor. In this corner of the bathroom, we just have a white (not so white anymore) bookcase, I’m going to be resurfacing the back and painting tonight.

Please continue to wish me luck, and if you have any tips or suggestions, I would love to hear them. Thank you!


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