Who else wants to DIY?

When the boys are away, the girls will play. Or at least attempt to do a “renovating” job without the help of her husband!

Just over 4 years ago we moved into our home, an 1885 Victorian style home, that has had more work done than Micheal Jackson and needs even more. It’s been remodeled so many time, I can’t even tell what anyone was trying to accomplish and in the process, it has lost a majority of the charm. I feel it is our duty to bring it back to live a joyful life.
When we moved in, it was separated into 2 apartments and we have since been slowly (very slowly) attempting to turn it into a single family (amazing) home. We have had so many setbacks…whats the saying “1 step forward, 10 steps back?” We have been through multiple plumbing calls, water leaks, cracking lath and plaster, weatherizing and most importantly we are FINALLY so close to being fully out of debt for a very telling (and costly) lead abatement (seriously, that is some scary shit, especially when you have 2 littles!) There were many times we were ready to throw in the towel (but first douse it in kerosene, set it on fire and book ass as fast we can in the other direction).

We stuck with it and are finally ready to “begin” what we were hoping to do in the first place. My husband works some crazy hours and as much as I love him, he gets busy and sidetracked pretty easily, he’s not the most reliable person to start on a project with (I can’t fully complain because he’s a pretty awesome guy).

I’m tired of looking at a few things around the house, so I’m just gonna do it myself! Next week, I’m going to start with the bathroom! I’ll start with the basic of painting the walls, and touching up the cabinetry, BUT then I’m going to re-tile the floor ( I am skimping a bit and using the self-adhesive tile, but I’m also spending some extra monies on some glue to actually make it stick). I’ve been blessed with an AMAZING, talented dad, who is recently retired and one of the handiest men on earth, who is building me a new bathroom vanity. I’ve also been searching high and low for the perfect bathroom accessories to finish off the perfect bathroom. He can’t say “NO” if he isn’t here to see it being done, right ladies?

Before I get started on the adventure, Do you have any tips or tricks you’ve learned along the way? Do you have any go-to products that gave you a little ray of hope when times got tough? I completely new to this and would love some insight!

I’ll be tracking my progress when we get started, wish me luck!


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